Super Issues: the critical eye of sci-fi

Sci-fi is at its best when it holds a mirror to our society. Films like Minority Report, Children of Men, The Day the Earth Stood Still, District Nine, and Star Trek are all great sci-fi films that have strong messages at their core. It's one of the reasons that the science fiction genre resonates with … Continue reading Super Issues: the critical eye of sci-fi

Is scrutiny ruining nerd culture?

Nerd culture is all about the little things. We love to scrutinize and analyze every tiny morsel that we can find online. Set photos, casting announcements, leaked scripts all make nerds drool at the mouth. Speculating is half the fun of being supremely passionate about all things nerdy. Perhaps the biggest point of speculation that … Continue reading Is scrutiny ruining nerd culture?

Nintendoland: Bigger than Video Games

Brands are incredible things. If properly cared for, they inspire powerful loyalty among their fans. The prime example of this is Disney. Disney is seen as everything good about the world. It appeals to both young and old. It creates shared experiences between wildly different people. Its park is literally called the happiest place on … Continue reading Nintendoland: Bigger than Video Games

Wonder Woman: Symbol of Change

Hollywood is not a kind place for women. Actresses have historically been relegated to the role of the damsel in distress. There simply to motivate the male character into saving the day. Female directors are rarely given the chance to showcase their unique artistic voice in the same way as their male counterparts. Hollywood is … Continue reading Wonder Woman: Symbol of Change