Video game movies suck – here’s why

Video games have become a multi-billion-dollar industry. Although video games were initially seen as a kid’s toy, they have matured into a wide-appeal form of entertainment. There is a video game for every preference. Such a wide-appeal creates a passionate fandom, something which comes up often in every form of media. These passionate fans are …

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Nintendo Switch: a revolution for gaming

Recently, the world was introduced to the newest Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a hybridization of Nintendo’s home and handheld consoles. The unique selling point of the Switch is its ability to play any Nintendo game at home or on the go and to transition between home and mobile gaming seamlessly. Having …

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Nintendoland: Bigger than Video Games

Brands are incredible things. If properly cared for, they inspire powerful loyalty among their fans. The prime example of this is Disney. Disney is seen as everything good about the world. It appeals to both young and old. It creates shared experiences between wildly different people. Its park is literally called the happiest place on …

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