Top 5 Wonder Woman moments


Wonder Woman is the most iconic female superhero in the world. She is one-third of DC’s trinity and a founding member of the Justice League. She has been around for over 75 years and, in that time, has become the quintessential symbol of equality and female empowerment.

Now, finally, this week will see Wonder Woman’s first live-action film with the release of Wonder Woman. In honour of this highly anticipated release, let’s list off Wonder Woman’s top 5 moments.

1 – Diana vs. Muggers – Wonder Woman (2009)

This first moment comes courtesy of Wonder Woman’s animated film from 2009. In it we not only get to see Diana’s awesome fighting skills, we get to see her personality as well. The scene starts with her scolding Steve Trevor for his obvious attempt to get her drunk and morphs into her saving Trevor from a group of muggers.

This moment shows that Diana is woman with a strong personality that won’t be pushed around by anyone, be it her love interest or a group of unlucky thieves. Plus, it shows that Diana doesn’t need her costume to be a bad-ass.


2 – Wonder Woman stands up to Superman – Justice League: New Frontier (2008)

Wonder Woman is apart of DC’s trinity, along with Batman and Superman. She is one of the core founding pillars of the entire DC universe. However, people can often forget that while Wonder Woman stands with her counterparts, she is in no way subservient to them.

A clear reminder that Wonder Woman fears no one can be seen in this moment. In Justice League: New Frontier we get to see the princess of Themyscira stand toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel himself. This is a great moment for many reasons. Firstly, we get to see just how different Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s views on justice really are. Superman is very much a boy scout who sees true justice as black and white. Alternatively, Wonder Woman sees true justice as more grey. Secondly, this moment is great because while the scene begins with Wonder Woman and Superman looking directly at each as equals, once Wonder Woman fully stands up, she towers over Superman. A clear reminder Wonder Woman is more than a match for the Man of Steel.


3 – Wonder Woman vs. 4 Justice Leaguers 

As said before, Wonder Woman isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone. But as a hero, she tends to avoid using her full strength.  That is unless you can use mind control on her.

That is exactly what happens in this moment from Justice League Unlimited when the Amazon princess is forced to fight not one, not two, but four members of the Justice League. In this fight, Wonder Woman takes on Hawkgirl, Vixen, Huntress, and Black Canary all at the same time! Despite everything these four Leaguers throw at her, Wonder Woman is more than a match for them. It isn’t until the mind control is lifted that Wonder Woman stops her assault on her friends. If it wasn’t, Wonder Woman would have certainly killed her friends. Truly she is one of the biggest powerhouses in the entire DC Universe.


4 – Wonder Woman vs. Ares – Wonder Woman (2009)

Back to the fantastic animated film from 2009, this moment we get to see Wonder Woman go full on against the god of war himself, Ares. This is the final showdown of the film and it doesn’t disappoint.

Wonder Woman may take a beating but she’s gives even better than she gets. She fights hard against Ares and eventually turns the tide of the fight, using Ares’ own ability against him. On to of that, we get one of the most violent deaths for a villain in animated form I’ve ever seen. This only goes to show that Diana is pretty cut-throat, quite literally, when she needs to be.

5 – Wonder Woman joins the fight – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) 

Now while this film is a bit of a controversial pick, there’s no denying Wonder Woman was the best part of the movie. The subtitle promised the dawn of the Justice League and it delivered with this energetic introduction.

While it was nice to see Diana Prince outside of the costume earlier in the movie, the film gets a much-needed injection of energy when Diana dons her iconic costume. What follows is the Wonder Woman leading the charge against an near-unstoppable Doomsday in the ultimate throw-down. The proceeding two and a half hours may have been a disappointment for fans, but this moment was well worth the wait. (Well almost, Batman v. Superman is a pretty terrible movie.)


So there’s my picks for Wonder Woman’s best moments. Did I miss any? Sound off in the comments down below or lets chat on Twitter @CBloodRojas. 


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